Saturday, March 3, 2012

A sick boy & and a funny girl...

Eli is sick. He has an awful cough, congestion and a fever. Since he was a baby the sure fire clue that he doesn't feel well is that he stays in the same spot and just sort of lays there. He doesn't cry, or whine, he just lays and does nothing. Which is unusual for him.

At bible study today he did just that. Sat on the blanket and didn't move. Usually he explores the house of the woman who hosts but not today.

At one point Emerson was on my lap (mimicking my every move as I taught the class, hilarious by the way), Eli walked over to a woman from my church with his blanket and stuffed puppy. He didn't say anything, he just stood next to her, this 83 year old woman put him in her lap and he just laid there. And the woman was as happy as could be to hold my sweet sick boy who just needed someone to pick him up. Emerson always seems to dominate me and I always feel awful that because she's always been so much more high maintenance he doesn't get held or carried.

I know there's probably no way to prevent Emerson from getting it but one can hope.


Emerson continues to crack me up with her personality and the things she says.

As I've mentioned before I often work from home, so one of the common phrases around here is, "...mommy is working."

"You need to go play, mommy is working. You need to find daddy, mommy is working. Please leave my office, mommy is working etc. etc."

Yesterday, Marcus was saying something to Emerson when out of no where she says, "Go away, I working."

Haha, I have honestly never said go away to her, but I guess that's pretty much what it boils down to when I tell her I'm working.

Since both Marcus and I have started running these couple of weeks so has Emerson. She often finds the digital watch puts it on and says, "I go run" and then sprints around the house.

Today she and I did some running in the backyard. She was so exciting to run with mama. Then we stretched and as we were walking back to the house she said, "I very thirsty."

She's such a stubborn, strong-willed child, but she's also so adorable (91% of the time anyways).

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