Saturday, March 10, 2012

Today Marcus is 27...

This is the 10th birthday we've celebrated with each other, the first when we were juniors in high school and he turned 17.

I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, father, and friend in Marcus, and so because I'm feeling kind of mushy here are 27 things I love about him.

I love...

1. That he wears holes in the knees of his pants because he crawls around and plays with the kids so much.

2. That he comes to church each Sunday, and sits in the front pew, and wrestles with the children and runs the powerpoint.

3. How much he loves the Dallas Cowboys. (Even though I hate how cranky he is when they lose)

4. How excited he gets over new socks.

5. That he's been supportive of me every step of the way for the last 10 years whether it was my desire to study abroad, or wanting to move across the country to CT for grad school.

6. His smile.

7. How much he loves his family.

8. That he indulges my hobbies and goes to book sales and craft stores with me.

9. That he recite entire Adam Sandler movies.

10. The smile on his face when he held our babies for the first time. An image forever burned into my memory. Along with this, the days after they were born and still in the NICU, when he would come home from work, throw open the door and say with a big smile, "let's go see our babies."

11. That he cleans and does laundry.

12. How kind he is to everyone, and will help a stranger in need because, "He would want someone to help me."

13. How hard he worked to graduate from college.

14. His sense of humor. He may be shy but he's hilarious and I wish more people got to see it.

15. Watching him with his brothers. They have such a fun relationship.

16. That he sings in the shower everyday and doesn't even know he's doing it.

17. That he says sweet things to me. like when we had just returned from our trip to london and Paris and he said, "I love making memories with you."

18. How much he loves our babies from the very moment he found out I was pregnant. Some of my very favorite memories are the times when Marcus thought I was asleep and he had his hand on my pregnant belly talking with our kids.

19. How much he loves to parallel park. I don't get it but I think it's hilarious that he enjoys it so much.

20. That he was willing to attend youth events with me and church youth group, and become a mentor and friend to my junior high and high school youth.

21. How much he loved his dog Monroe.

22. That he never ever treats me with anything less than love and respect.

23. He loves Gilmore Girls (haha sorry Marcus but it's adorable).

24. The first night Eli was home from the hospital, and he slept on the floor of the nursery.

25. His smile on our wedding day. Another image forever seared into my memory.

26. When he tries to do Zumba.

27. Finally, I love pretty much everything about him. I'm so blessed to have him forever.

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~Jess said...

Happy REALLY belated birthday Marcus!