Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm in a rut...

I'm tired of our day to day existence. I'm ready for something new.

I'm excited for May and June and some of the plans we have. A wedding in May where I'll get to spend time with my grad. school friends. Plus as an added bonus it's in the same city where Marcus' brother lives so we get to see family too.

Then in June we're going to Disneyland with a bunch of family.

I'm just feeling sort of antsy to go somewhere and do something. There are days when I don't leave the block where we live in our town of 1700. Friday Eli and Emerson and I had a big outing in town. We went to the library, paid our water bill, went to the post office, and bought suckers at the store. We literally hit up every establishment in town (except the pizza place).

I think I'm going stir crazy. The weather is getting nicer again and I just want to go and do things. Preferably free things.

As a random aside on Friday after we did all of our outings, Eli and Emmy came with me to my weekly Bible Study. They were perfect angels. The best behaved they've ever been, which was a huge relief after our experience with Eli at the mall on Thursday.

They had the Easter bunny area set up but the bunny was no present. I think Eli expects it to be an actual bunny and not an oversized fake one, but he was bound and determined to see the bunny.

To the point that he kept throwing himself on the ground and yelling, "I see bunny."

We were working quickly to leave the premises but if we touched him or picked him up he yelled "Ow" and "help". It was awesome... we were those people. I'm not liking this almost three year old stage where they think they can do whatever they want and when they don't get their way have a major public meltdown.

Fortunately, Emerson was a bit shocked by her brother's behavior and acted just fine. She kept saying, "Bubba naughty."

Fun times. I makes me never want to take them in public. It's so embarrassing.

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