Friday, March 16, 2012


On Wednesday we had a gathering of the orders, which is just  a fancy way to say that all the clergy in my area were required to come together.

I was pleasantly surprised that the entire day consisted of singing, singing songs that were familiar to me from my divinity school days. Songs led by a musician who teaches at my divinity school. It was a homecoming of sorts, bringing me back to grad school.

In all of worship I think that the music is my favorite part. I love how music has powers that the spoken word alone does not. A power to transfer us to different times and places in our lives.

In high school one of the better assignments I ever had was to create a soundtrack of our life. Of course at that point not too much had happened but it was a fun exercise to pull out songs that have special meaning to our lives, and that say the things we often can't.

At this gathering I heard a new song and I loved the lyrics. A reminder of the work I'm called to do. 

It might be an interesting exercise to compile a soundtrack of my life now. Since over a decade has passed since the original assignment. (Maybe I'll work on that at some point). 

Do you all have songs that have special meaning in your own life. Music is powerful. 

God Has Work For Us To Do 
(words by Carl Daw, music by M. Miller) 

Till all the jails are empty and all the bellies filled; 
Till no one hurts or steals or lies, and no more blood is spilled; 
God has work for us to do, God has work for us to do 
Believe in the promise, “I make all things new” 
God has work for us, work for us to do. 
Till age and race and gender no longer separate; 
Till pulpit, press, and politics are free of greed and hate: 
In tenement and mansion, in factory, farm, and mill 
In board room and in billiard hall, in wards where time stands still, 
In classroom, church, and office, in shops or on the street; 
In every place where people thrive or starve or hide or meet: 
By sitting at a bedside to hold pale, trembling hands, 
By speaking for the powerless against unjust demands, 
By praying through our doing and singing through fear, 
By trusting that the seed we sow will bring God's harvest near. 

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~Jess said...

Wonderful lyrics! I love music...I remember mix tapes were a huge thing when I was growing up.