Friday, January 29, 2010

Poor Emmy...

Already being picked on by her big brother. Yesterday I was feeding them carrots and Emerson was happily eating and holding onto her spare spoon (I give them their own spoon so they can practice without the mess).

She was smiling, babbling, eating happily, and holding her spoon when her big brother reached over and grabbed it out of her hands.

I have never seen her look so sad it broke my heart. In an instant she went from smiling, happy Emerson- to pouting and crying hysterically. She was devastated by the lose of her spoon.

And she was perfectly content again once the spoon was returned.

It really was so sad and Eli was totally unaware as he spit out his own carrots and clapped his hands happily.

My crazy kids.


Little Wonders said...

It is unreal how much our kids are on the same track - the toy stealing has just recently started at our house, too!!

~Jess said...

Oh my lol...I can just imagine the face crumbling cry :-(

Poor Em