Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

I'm only a little behind on my blogging. I blame: Eli and his ear infection, Emerson and her revolt against sleep in recent days and nights, and writing commitments for school that I kept putting off due to the above things, that I finally wrote and submitted this morning. So now with Eli napping and Emerson only whining a little bit I have a few seconds to reflect on our first christmas as a family of four.

Since we started trying for a baby four years ago I had always envisioned what Christmas would be like with our kids. Last Christmas eve I was 13 weeks pregnant and as I sat in the church pew on Christmas eve 2008 I imagined what this Christmas would be like. Marcus and I dressed for church, each holding one of our babies (they would be 5 months old) the candle light singing of silent night would bring the evening to a close. That's what I imagined absolute perfection.

The reality was slightly different. The babies who were in fact 7 months old were up past bedtime, both were a little restless, both had dirty diapers which required me to leave the sanctuary on multiple occasions to change them, and I stood in the back bouncing a baby for the better part of the evening to keep them quiet. Emerson also decided that she wanted to entertain those sitting in front of and behind us by making faces, blowing spit bubbles and sticking out her tongue. And holding a lit candle with babies who like to grab at everything not such a smart idea, and yet, despite all of that I was content.

No, it wasn't the perfect evening I had envisioned the year before, but I've come to realize that nothing with twins is smooth, nothing is graceful, and everything is a production. But after years of trying and several christmases full of tears and sadness Marcus and I finally had our babies.

Now a review of Christmas in pictures because it's just easier.

Our babies looked adorable for the Christmas eve church service (if I do say so myself)

Emerson & Eli before church

They met their cousin Hannah. Ei didn't want to sit next to her for some reason. He kept pushing her away. (At least that's what it looks like).

All of my siblings and their significant others were home. Except for my brother who is still in Afghanistan, and his wife who was with her family.

Marcus and Emerson.

A family picture before church.

On Christmas morning at Marcus' parents house they also met their cousin Cassandra. (They still haven't mastered the sitting thing).

They tried to open a few presents, and didn't get very far.

Eli and his Grammy (my mom) were tired from all the excitement.

Emerson became a Cavilers fan because of her Auntie Abbey (my sister)

Marcus and his brothers were together for Christmas for the first time since 2003.

It's been a tradition in Marcus' family to get matching Pajamas on Christmas eve. This year we all had matching pajamas and Marcus and his brothers were mostly good sports about putting them on for some pictures. The babies just sort of look like floating heads since they blend in.

Eli & Emerson with their granddad (Marcus' dad).

It was a good Christmas. We're lucky enough to be from the same hometown so we get to see both of our families each time we're in town visiting. I imagine as the babies get older and more aware the christmas season will keep getting better.

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~Jess said...

It looks like you guys had a great Christmas surrounded by family :-)

Those two are definitely cute in their Christmas outfits and jammies.

Maybe Eli is trying to put his arm around his cousin and pull her into the shot with them ;-)