Sunday, January 10, 2010

8 Months old (two days late).

Taking the monthly pictures...

Is really funny these days...

Because they don't hold still at all...

Unless Marcus stands behind me with a cell phone.

Eli at 8 months...

*Rolls with ease from his back to his tummy.
* Loves tummy time and can push all the way up on his arms
* Occassionally pushes backwards while on his tummy.
* Sometimes puts his butt in the air while on his tummy (trying to figure out how to crawl).
*Hates solids more than anything in the world.
*Learned to clap which is adorable.
*Loves to jump while standing on our lap.
*Figured out how to use some new Christmas toys, pushing buttons and closing things.
*Still does his weird backbend, head scooting thing and moves all over like that.
*Loves being underneath things. Like clothes, blankest, tables etc.
*Just started noticing his sister.
* can tri-pod sit for a few seconds.

Emerson at 8 months...

*Babbles all the time. La-la, da-dadadadad, etc.
 wait until she starts to associate those sounds with things.
*Loves solids and eating from the spoon.
 She however despises her bottle and getting her to eat from it is a daily struggle.
*Found her feet.
*Loves being without clothes and cries when we dress her.
*Hates her tummy, dosen't roll anymore.
* Also just started noticing her brother and likes to grab him.
She however does not want Eli to touch her at all.
*Doesn't like new people and cries when she can't see us.
(She'll need to work through this as we start the new semester).
*Studies everything. She'll hold a toy and just turn it over and look at it
from every angle trying to figure it out. She does this with cell phones & cameras too.

Last month before we went home for the holidays the baby had their 6 month evaluation with their physical therapist to see if they had met the goals we set out six months ago. Eli succesfully met all of his and we made new goals.

Emerson on the otherhand didn't meet most of them and she now will now start PT twice a month and see the OT to help with her bottle eating issues. I'm trying not to worry. I know she'll catch up in her own time, but it's hard when Eli seems so far ahead of her in regards to development. Which also isn't really fair because if they weren't twins we wouldn't have a basis for comparision either. I just worry that she hasn't really improved in strength for the last few months. That doesn't seem okay to me.


~Jess said...

They're so cute! And so much fun to, what with being all over the place!

I can't believe it's been 8 months already :-(

I know it's hard not to worry about Emerson, but in the long run they'll be fine and she'll probably blaze right on past her brother.

Leigh said...

Hi Sadie

I saw your comment on Jennifer's blog so came to say hi - i have 6-month old BG twins.

About that bottle, my Connor will NOT drink water from the bottle so one day this weekend I unscrewed the top and made him drink as if from a cup. NO PROBLEMS.

So I moved him to a sippy cup and we now have had no problems with him drinking his water.

It might work for your Emerson, it might not, but there's something if you want to try