Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ears are clear for take-off...

We took Eli to my mom's doctor today just to make sure his ear infection had cleared off before we get back on a plane Saturday to fly home. Flying with an ear infection would be cruel and unusual punishment and we did not want to subject him to that. Luckily all seems to be well and his 10 days of antibiotics seem to have done the trick.

Since our hometown doesn't have any pediatricians we were seeing just a family practice doctor and they didn't have the small baby exam tables with sides on them. Eli had a really great time playing with the paper on the full size exam table. He was hilarious and in such a funny mood.

And it's a good sign that he didn't try to punch the doctor this time when she checked his ears. I'm so glad our first ear infection is behind us. I hope we don't have many more in the future it was awful.

I also finally got my H1N1 vaccine. I've literally been trying to get it for months where we live and haven't had any luck (even though both babies and Marcus have all been vaccinated, Marcus went to his university and the babies Pedi had enough for them).

There was a free clinic in my hometown so I jumped at the opportunity, and had kind of an awkward encounter with another twin mom.

The guy giving the shot asked me how many kids I had and when I responded I had 8 month old twins, another guy working at the clinic started asking me some questions since he is the father of 14 year old twin boys.

He was so accurate about the twin experience talking about how incredibly difficult the first year is as I nodding in affirmation that this, man "got" it.

Then this other woman jumps in and says, "It wasn't bad I would do it again."  Turns out she's the mother of 17 year old boy/girl twins.

To which the man jokingly replied, "Yeah it's great now,  but during those first 9 months you sometimes want to rip your arms off."

I laughed and nodded in affirmation, again at the relief that somebody else got it.

But this woman finding no humor in it and being super twin mom or something shares, "And I nursed for the first year."

Which I get is great and amazing with twins (although it's sort of an odd thing to randomly announce to a group of strangers who hadn't asked). I wish the babies would have figured out BFing or that I could have exclusively pumped for more than 5 months but there were many factors that just didn't make that possible.

I didn't want to get into all of that so I just said, "That's great. Mine were premature and just never really figured it out."

"Mine too 3 & 4 pounds" was her response.

At which point I was just done. It's not a competition. I do know that twins are a blessing but that doesn't make it any easier and all she was doing was making me feel bad. Not only do I think having twins is incredibly difficult and trying I also couldn't BF them, and I can honestly say that I don't know if I could handle another set of multiples. So I just smiled and thanked all of those around me and left... but she wasn't quite done yet as she called after me,

"You better have had those babies vaccinated."


It was just weird. She was so defensive and argumentative about the whole thing. Not to mention she's had 17 years to forget some of the newborn and infant twin challenges.

Oh well, at least the father of the twins was on my side with the desire to sometimes want to chop off our arms or runaway screaming, or drop the babies off with the grandmas and go far far away...

Plus, I finally got my shot and it was free.


~Jess said...

I'm glad Eli's ear is doing better and he's cleared for take off....and that you got your shot. A loves being on the exam table with the crinkly paper...she just kicks and kicks and kicks!

What a pain in the butt that person was! I would have been biting my tongue to ask her whether she wanted a medal or something.

Leigh said...

oh yes, the mommy competition drives me nuts. i've now decided I'm not talking to ANYONE about how their perfect children are sleeping LOL

I just get crazy and who needs more crazy? I have twins!