Friday, January 1, 2010

Farewell Monroe...

Marcus' basset-hound Monroe died on Tuesday he was 12 years old. Which, according to my vet tech. sister, is incredibly old for a basset hound. Actually what she said was, "Dude, Sadie 8 is old for a Basset-hound, like dying old, he was 12?" (She's 20 ...)


Marcus loved Monroe, and even back in the NICU Marcus used to tell the babies all about his dog, who they would get to meet when when we came home for Christmas. 

Monroe was a strange, strange dog. He was afraid of everything, brooms, water, hoses, water guns, vacuums. He used to find candy in the candy bowls and put it in different corners of the house. In Monroe's mind he was "hiding" this candy from everyone, even though it was in plain view. He also had a path in the backyard that he walked everyday, he walked it so often the grass was worn away. 

I will miss Monroe, because Marcus loved his dog, and I love Marcus. 

I'm glad Marcus got to have him for one more Christmas, and the babies got to "Meet" him. (Through the window). 

Monroe (1997-Dec. 29, 2009)

Marcus, Me & Monroe on our 4th Wedding Anniversary.

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