Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Uh oh...

I think we have a bit of a problem. Marcus started his classes and internship this week and as a result we unfortunately will be seeing less of him these days. This also means that Eli and Emerson will have to once again be left in the capable hands of my many amazing friends to watch them while I'm in class.

Last semester this worked great because Marcus was able to coordinate his schedule so that he was with them during my 2 and 3 hour classes so no one needed to watch them more than an hour. This semester that didn't work out and yesterday the babies were left with my good friend D for 3 hours by himself.

Emerson lately has had a bit of separation anxiety and only seems to want me or Marcus and I was afraid for any baby-sitter trying to deal with that and Eli at the same time. Emerson screamed for the entire 3 hours I was in class. Luckily my friend D is amazing and calm and loves the babies so he just walked with her and held her and tried to get her to calm down.

Also working in our favor is the fact that Eli is fairly easy going. Unless he's hungry or tired he's usually good to just do his weird push-ups and back-bends all over the floor. Of course Eli did eventually get hungry and so D, became a multi-tasker at one point he was able to pick them both up and walk with them for a bit which worked. Then he put Eli in the bouncer so he could feed Eli while still holding Emerson.

Afterwards D just laughed and promised that he was fine, but I still feel bad. My friends watch the babies for free and I owe them so so much. I really hope Emerson works through this new stage quickly so my friends don't run away in the other direction when they have to watch the babies.

I am so very grateful for the support I have here in this community which allows me to do school and motherhood, although not always gracefully, at least it is possible.

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~Jess said...

Oh no! What a saint D must be...not easy to do with one baby, let alone two. I'm glad it worked out all right for him. Hopefully Emerson outgrows her anxiety quickly.