Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Food, I'm not a fan...

(And neither is Eli but that's beside the point). We've started the whole baby food thing a few weeks ago and Emerson continues to love whatever we give her, especially carrots. Eli on the other hand still hasn't swallowed anything we've put in his mouth, but he has learned that he should open his mouth for the spoon so I guess that's progress.

I really dislike this baby food stuff. It's so incredibly messy. Every time we feed them they get covered in food, it's time consuming and did I mention it's messy. They basically need a new outfit after it's over.

I guess I better get used to it since they'll only be eating more and more as they get older.

Eli with carrots every where but his stomach.

Emerson. I love this picture because it so indicative of her personality. She's hilarious and gets annoyed with us and people and she without a doubt lets us know it. The other day we went to the mall (which we never ever do) and we were of course stopped 300 million times by strangers who wanted to look at the babies, offer weird advice, tell stories about every twin they have ever encountered in their life, encourage us to separate the babies when the start school until junior high and then put them back together (yes seriously a woman had a whole conversation with us about this), solicitations to get them into modeling (no thanks).... etc etc.

Eli, LOVES the attention and he'll smile and clap for just about anyone. Emerson on the other hand gets annoyed, is not amused, and sits stone faced without moving glaring at people, no smiles for the random people. (If she knew how to roll her eyes I imagine she would do that too). It cracks me up because her face is conveying what I'm feeling during all the random attention/advice from strangers.

(Sorry that was a bit of a tangent but we caught her annoyed face on camera. I had taken a lot of pictures and I think she was done, she's not glaring in the picture above though she just has her serious face on).

And looking at each. I love that they're finally starting to realize the other exists.

So back to my orginal point. Emerson loves baby food, Eli does not and neither do I.


Christi said...

Gunner loves babyfood...but I make all of it and mix it with milk so he is used to that taste and I think it blands it out a little. He won't touch the commercial stuff. Sweet potatoes, pears, apples, peaches, bananas, oatmeal mixed in..he eats it all. Guess that is why he is spilling out of a size 2, into the 2-3 in Pampers or 3's in Huggies. Fatty fatso.

~Jess said...

Too thing I've considered with A, once she's older, is to put a "smock" or something on her, to cover her clothes and sleeves...just a bigger button down on backwards.

I hate the whole strangers thing...I have people in the store who seriously ask if they can hold her...WHAT?! I don't even know you!