Monday, January 11, 2010

Hematology & PT

The babies had their follow-up hemotology appointment today that was made when they left the NICU. The doctors wanted to do another panel to test for Von willebrand a bleeding disorder I have, and that the doctors have made a huge issue out of since I told them about it. (This is their reason for putting me under general for my c-section, which in my opinion was totally unncesssary).

Anyways, it took forever and essentially all they did was draw blood today. We did see a doctor. They took my history yet again, and then the poor babies had their blood taken from their tiny little arms and they screamed and screamed. Way worse than shots because it was much more prolonged as they took 4 vials of blood. Poor babies. We should have the results in 2 weeks. Hopefully they both are fine and we don't ever have to deal with this von willebrand stuff ever again with them.

 Fun with the paper on the exam table.

They also had physical therapy today.


Developmental Team Objectives:
1. Trunk Control/sitting
2. Reaching, grasping, manipulating objects
3. Hands & knees
4. Rolling

1. Tummy time
2. Rolling
3. Sitting with support
4. Kneeling at couch cushion
5. Neck stretching

Progress since last visit:
Eli is clapping and can sit briefly propped on his arms. Went to hematology today no results from blood work yet. Brings everything to mouth. Lots of talking.

During today's visit:
Eli sits with minimal support and even independently briefly. He will occasionally correct for small loss of balance but usally tips over. Nice erect posture. Rolls back to tummy, not yet tummy to back. Tolerates tummy time indefinately. Pushes up very far on extended arms, chest fully off floor, maintains hands and knees briefly with help. Tried play on knees at couch cushion on the floor today. Good manipulation of objects. Neck still a little tight to right side.

Suggested activities for daily routine:
1. Keep up with daily neck stretching to the right
2. Lots of time playing in sitting. Give him a variety of objects to manipulate. Demonstrate banging toys together on other toys.
3. When pushing up on arms on tummy give him a little boost under the tummy/pelvis to help come up into hands and knees position.
4. Encourage play with feet
5. Kneeling to play at couch cushion on floor a good place for position, help him twist into sitting by swinging his hops over one side
6. Help him to roll to tummy to backk when he's playing on the floor.


Developmental Team Objectives:
1. Trunk control/sitting
2. Manipulating objects with hands
3. Propping on arms on tummy
4. Rolling

1. Supported sitting
2. Tummy time
3. Playing on knees at cushion
4. Rolling

Progress since last visit:
Emerson has good head control. She's able to sit with head erect over shoulders, except when tired. Good attention span, mainpulates and turns objects to explore them. Not bringing much to mouth yet. Likes solid food better than bottle. Not rolling. Went to hematologist no results.

During today's visit:
Emerson sits with help, but is now able to keep head erect over body; back tends to be rounded, but is occasionally straight for brief periods. On tummy is bale to lift head up to 45 degress. Tolerates tummy time for several minute. Good manipulation with hands. Tried some kneeling at couch cushion today with good tolerance. Needs help to roll.

Suggested activities for daily routine:
1. Lots of tummy time, keep it to within her tolerance for time, try to avoid getting her worked up. Help her roll onto her back when she's had enough.
2. Play in kneeling position at couch cushion on the floor, this counts as tummy time.
3. Sitting with support, help her keep her back straight when sitting. Give her a variety of objects to mainpulate with hands and study. Show her how to bring two object together. Model for her and help with hand over hand.

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~Jess said...

Poor babies...I can't even imagine them having to have blood taken. Shots are bad enough! Hopefully the results come back good!