Thursday, January 14, 2010

4 Generations...

While we were home for the holidays Marcus' grandparents, in typical fashion, decided to make a surprise visit so they could meet the babies. Which is nice... however these grandparents while well intentioned, are best when taken in small doses.

They love to tell stories, especially Grandma S., and she mostly loves to tell the same stories over and over and over again. For instance every time I have ever seen them I learn that I'm too short to play volleyball, and "isn't it interesting that I'm short just like their granddaughter Katie and my name is Sadie."

And now since I have twins the stories center around their 26 year old twin grandchildren (who've I've met) with a continual reminder that they're "half Chinese" lest any of us forget that detail. It's actually kind of fun because before they arrive we all try to make bets about which stories Grandma S. will share. (I always vote for the story about her brother who lives in Mexico, and the story about working with the computer back in the day which took up the entire room).

After 6.5 years of marriage I'm used to this set of grandparents but it did take me awhile to adjust to their random drop ins. Right after we were married we moved to California so we could go to school and moved within a short distance of their home. For the first couple of years the grandparents would stop by unannounced, usually while Marcus was at work, which nearly sent me over the edge. (I hate surprise visitors).

My favorite visit of theirs was a few months after we had moved and our car broke down. Marcus called his grandparents to see if they had a car we could borrow while we waited for ours to get fix. I'm not sure to this day if Marcus left a message or spoke to his grandpa but a few days later (while Marcus was at work I might add), they knocked on our door and wheeled into my living a brand new mountain bike. Turns out, no, we couldn't borrow a car but no fear we got a new bike instead.

Grandma S. in addition to random bikes also used to bring us dark chocolate as she credits it with her longevity and health in life. Funny stuff, which is amusing to me now, but definitely took some getting used to. 

Anyways, now that you know a little about the grandparents. They came for a few days to visit, we all heard some stories, and the babies got to meet their great grandparents.

4 Generations of S---- Men
Marcus, Rich (Marcus' dad), Eli, and Richard (Marcus' grandpa).
Getting all four of them to look at the same camera was impossible.

And now with Emerson and Marcus' grandpa sans glasses.
(I'm not sure why he removed them).

And this random picture which cracks me up. Debbie (my MIL) and I wanted the above pictures because it's four generations of S---. After that was done Marcus' grandpa said okay now it's all the girls turn.  So this is a picture of three people who are only related because we each married S---- men. (The babies seem confused too).
The babies with one set of their great grandparents. Marcus and I are very lucky because all of our grandparents are still with us. I hope the babies can meet each set soon.  

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Christi said...

Love the confused look on their faces...looking at each other as to say..."what the heck is going on here!"