Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shots for the babies work miracles...

I know that's a little strange to say and I hate watching the babies scream as they get their shots, but they work wonders on our babies. (Stay with me on this and let me explain). The babies had their third synagis shot this week and of course they screamed while getting it, and since they're bigger now it's two shots instead of just one. But each time they have shots they come home and nap (I think because screaming is really exhausting). Then they wake up in crazy happy moods, and remain that way into the evening.

It's so strange. Marcus calls them, "Happy Shots" because my strange kids seem happier after getting them each time. The other amazing result is the babies always sleep all the way through the night after the shots. We've been having the issues with Eli especially at night. For the first time in weeks we laid Eli down for bed and he didn't wake back up screaming. He just slept.

I have no idea if this can actually be attributed to the shot or not, but they do seem to be happier, easy going babies after shots. I'm glad that's how it works for them instead of the opposite creating cranky, non-sleeping babies.

(And not to jinx anything but we laid Eli down for bed a few hours ago and so far no screaming. Let's hope this is a return to my normal sleeping baby and the screaming was just a result from our travel).


~Jess said...

I hope it is a return to his normal sleep habits...I'm glad that their shots are "happy shots" :-)

Christi said...

Ugg, we get one BIG shot. Not two. Still not fun. Screaming and now waking every 2-3 hours at night. Not happy shots for us, glad they are for you. :)