Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not so fun...

Yesterday sucked. Around 11 am I started having some mild cramping, dizziness, and nausea. Which prompted another million hours on the monitor. Luckily, I wasn't contracting at this point I just felt awful and spent most of the day napping. Later that night I started feeling a few contractions and the monitors showed I was contracting every 5 minutes. Which is what I was afraid of for several reasons.

The first obviously I don't want to contract at this point. But the second reason is I knew that if I started contracting again they would have to give me an IV again. My previous IV was removed on Sunday evening because it expired and I begged not to have another put it. It complicates every aspect of hospital living. I have to drag the IV pole with me to the bathroom, they make me pee into a bucket so they can monitor the fact that I'm expelling as much as they are pumping in (which is so disgusting), and they cover my hand in a glove with tape for showering, which makes showering impossible, not to mention it just hurts. Sunday when they removed it I was so happy it's a small thing that makes a huge difference in my comfort at the hospital.

Of course that happiness was short lived because of the stupid contractions. The first nurse attempted an IV and hit a valve or something. No blood was coming out, no fluid was moving in. This didn't stop her from trying for a while though all the while a giant bruise was forming on my arm. Since that didn't work she found another nurse to try again, and this nurse in a different spot also hit a valve. So same problem as above. At this point I lost it and started crying (which is so embarrassing), but the second nurse was really rude, as though the failed IV's were my fault, I was exhausted, my arm was now bruised and killing me, and I was over the whole experience.

Then a miraculous thing happened. In the process of trying to find a a third nurse to attempt an IV, my contractions stopped. Previously they were 5 minutes apart for the last 3 hours and they just stopped. So between my begging not to have an IV, and the nurses exasperation at trying to get one started they all decided just to let it be.

My arm looks awful. It's bruised on my hand from the original IV from when I was admitted, the mark from my IV two weeks ago is still visible, I have two huge bruises from the failed attempts, and they drew my labs from the same arm this morning.

I was unfortunately contracting again this morning, but after about 3 hours they slowed again, so I'm still IV free for the moment.


~Jess said...

I'll be praying that you remain IV free...at least until you're a bit more healed OR that those two nurses are not the ones doing it. They probably blew a blood vessel...that happened to Matt when he had his biopsy surgery...it hurt like a b!t(h

Hang in there *hugs*

Stacie said...

Here via L&F. I hated IVs, too, because I always bruise so easily. (look at me too hard and I am a bruise)

Here's hoping you get to stay IV free for a few more weeks! Hang in there!

elizabeth said...

Hi! I'm here via the L&F, also. Hospital stays can be so difficult; anything that makes it more comfortable is worth celebrating. I hope you remain IV free!

Queenie. . . said...

I, too, have been the victim of evil vampire nurses who bruise me up and yet can't manage to get a vein. Here's hoping to better nurses in coming days!

I'm sorry that this is all so tough. Hang in there.

May said...

Oh, the IV. It is impossible to describe how much they suck. I had to have one because I was on continuous IV mag sulfate for my contractions. If they make noises about putting one back in for long-term purposes, ask if they will consider doing a midline catheter instead of a peripheral IV. They can remain in place for weeks instead of having to get stuck every three days, and are often in your upper arm instead of hand/wrist. Be wary of placement in the crook of your elbow, though, since every time you bend your arm you'll stop flow through the catheter and the stupid pump will start alarming.

Wow. I just looked for the scar from one of my midline catheters and it's finally gone. 3.5 years later!!

And good for you for taking hospital belly shots! I wish I had taken more when I was in the hospital. There are practically no photos of me pregnant with my daughter. You look great! Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand about the "little comforts" thing with the IV. So glad to hear that your contractions stopped on their own. Hang in there!!