Saturday, April 18, 2009


I missed posting on the actual day I reached 29 weeks because I didn't get any sleep the night before and was in no position to try and string together a coherent sentence. As of now everything seems to be stable. I still have some contractions here and there but nothing like I was having on Wednesday when I was admitted and that's pretty much all I know.

My doctors check in everyday to remind me that I'll be here until I'll deliver (in case I had forgotten or something) in fact on doctor kept saying over and over "you have no cervix so what are we going to do? We have to keep you here?' in his Boston east coast accent (he likes to talk a lot Marcus and I get a big kick out of him he's kind of old school and carries around these 3x5 index cards with all his notes on them). Mostly though I lay here trying not to dwell on the possibilities and instead focus on making it a few more weeks (perhaps my special focusing powers will keep the babies in, it's worth a shot).

Marcus and I are still figuring out how to make the logistics of the hospital stay work. We discovered from my last stay at the hospital that he absolutely cannot park here all the time. To stay overnight the parking is $18 and the hourly rate isn't much better. Even the valet is $10 each time with $10 added at midnight. So Marcus has been taking my school's free transit bus from our apartment to the hospital since the hospital is right next to the med. school and on the route. Unfortunately, the transit stops running pretty early so in order for Marcus to get home we either have to call one of my friends (who have all graciously offered up their services) or call my grad. school's security and have them transport Marcus (which is what he did this morning). It's a pain and takes a lot longer but saves a ton of money and Marcus as of now is pretty easy going about the transportation thing.

In other exciting news I learned that I'm negative for group B strep so I won't need antibiotics when I deliver, and that's pretty much where we're at these days. Although I do have to say I feel so utterly unprepared for the arrival of these babies. Nothing is finished, we haven't really bought much in the way of immediate needs and care for both me and the babies. Nurses keep asking me if I want a vaginal delivery and to me the question is so far from my mind right now. Maybe that's what they call denial but I always look at them like their crazy and answer that I'll do whatever the occasion calls for. I don't really think I have the liberty of making any kind of birth plans at the moment.

I'm also trying to work through some of my disappointment. Obviously the most important thing is that these babies are healthy and stay put for as long as possible, and i'll do everything required of me to make that happen. But I'm really sad that I don't get to have maternity pictures taken (which i know is kind of stupid) but I love them, and I've been planning them since before I was pregnant.

I have a friend who's a photographer and she is always looking for new things to add to her portfolio and since she doesn't have any maternity pictures would have done them for virtually nothing. I had also picked the locations. I wanted all the pictures to be outdoors, some by the ocean, and some in this park close to our apt. with all the trees blooming in the spring. I had even worked out what Marcus and I would wear. Oh, well. Nothing I can do about it now. We'll just have to get some nice outdoor family pics. once the babies arrive, but there's a small part of me that knows that this could be my first and last pregnancy and I'm sad that I don't get to experience it in a 'normal' way.

And today also marks two weeks since the positive fFN, and two weeks of bedrest. Hang in there babies for several more weeks.

That's it from now. Hopefully, my blogs will continue to be uneventful for several more weeks as I lay around the hospital, and I can't believe I'm going to post these pictures, but I did take some 29 week belly pics on Thursday. Hospital gown, IV, and all the non-cuteness that goes along with being in the hospital.


Kim said...

I'm a new reader, but I was just wondering.. does your hospital not comp parking if you're there on extended bedrest? Surely they must! I would definitely ask about it. The parking garage in our hospital did when I was on bedrest and our little one was in the NICU. It would make no sense to make someone in your situation rack up such a parking bill - especially if your baby comes very soon and spends weeks/months in the NICU. I would definitely ask/insist on it. He should be able to be there as much as he wants without worrying about something so trivial.

sadie607 said...


We have asked several different people and according to all of them they don't validate parking, which makes no sense to me at all. It really is insane. If he's lucky on the weekends he can find free street parking. But I agree it's a trivial thing that complicates so much. Thank you for your comment.