Friday, April 3, 2009


Since I spent the better part of my week writing papers I'm not really in the mood to post long thought out sentences, so I think I'm just going to use bullet points.

1.) Iowa legalized same-sex marriage today! (Which has nothing to do with my pregnancy it just makes me happy!)

2.) I can no longer sleep. Even if I work on a paper all day and go to be at 4:00 am. No sleep for me.

3.) My back is broken (or something very close to it) thus contributing to the no sleeping, and the inability to walk, stand, sit or move. I must look really pathetic walking to class, I move in slow motion.

4.) I discovered my first stretch mark this week, it hurts, and I'm not pleased with this development *sigh* I'm trying to work through it as I'm sure it's a sign of things to come. As a random side note marcus and I went to a going away party on wednesday and met a plastic surgeon (Who also has a Ph.D in bio-chemistry people at Yale are overachievers especially considering how young he is and he's done with school) . I mentioned to Mark later that maybe he could fix my stomach if I needed it once the babies are born... I was mostly joking. (Apparently I'm vain).

5.) I've outgrown my maternity pants, which I don't really understand. Because the next size is too long and doesn't fit me any where else. GIves me a saggy butt look. I'm also not pleased with this.

6.) My favorite development is discovering that I can use the babies as an excuse not to eat certain food. Yesterday, I went to a woman's house for my internship and she cooked lunch. Being the pickiest eater in the world this always causes me anxiety because I usually don't like the food but don't want to be rude. The first course was carrot and sweet potato soup and I really really tried to eat it, and failed. However, the woman just said, "That's okay you have baby troubles." Which was a light bulb moment for me when I responded "Yes I do these babies don't let me eat a whole lot of anything" The rest of the meal was smooth sailing, refusing food I didn't like and blaming my children. Sorry kids, but thanks for a convenient excuse that's not offensive to people.

7.) I also discovered older women really like to share stories of their own pregnancies. Even if you don't know them or really want to hear it.

8.) Was informed that I looked like I was ready to deliver any day now. When I responded with my due date, the look of shock was not easily disguised. I was also not pleased with this. I'm not that big (I don't think) and I'm having twins, which I told her.

9.) Explained the difference between fraternal and identical twins today, this was a little confused.

10.) More people are just now noticing for the first week, including one of my professors.

11.) Was given parenting advice on how to survive twins (From someone who does not have twins).

12.) Oh and I almost forgot I'm now officially in the third trimester. Yay!

That's pretty much the highlights, if you can even call them that. OB appointment and more cervical checks/fFN tests early next week. Here's hoping everything remains stable.

Belly pics... I don't think I look like I'm ready to give birth... crazy lady.

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