Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Parenting Lessons (Kind of)

Today I had a visit from a woman who works for a parenting program at the hospital. I guess it's something offered to all first time moms. The first question the woman asked me was what grade I'm in. I thought about telling her that I was going into the 19th grade but I held back, and once I realized she was serious I just told her I was finishing my second year of graduate school. I wonder how old she thought I was, high school? It's been years since I was asked that question.

During her lesson I learned that babies need car-seats, you should never grill with the baby in your arms, and don't take your kids out of their car-seats while driving, along with some other really obvious advice.

I suppose the sad thing is they have to say this stuff because there are probably parents who do these things. I also got a bag full of paper with information and there's a pen in there for Marcus that says, "Dads are great too". It was pretty pointless over all, and honestly there were moments when I was trying not to laugh. At least it was some mild entertainment to break up the day.

(Today marks 2 weeks in the hospital).


areyoukiddingme said...

Babies need carseats?

After 2 weeks in the hospital, I would imagine anything unusual would be good entertainment. But that would have only been fun if there had been at least 10 other people in the room, so you could have gotten away with a little chuckling.

Wow, a Dads are great too afterthought pen...didn't know they made those.

~Jess said...

Oh my least it was some comedy to break up the day. Seriously though...I need to buy a carseat?! That's so not in my budget, especially after we just bought that new grill ;-)

You're doing great!

May said...

What GRADE are you in? Seriously? Did you laugh?

I guess I finally finished school after... let's see, carry the one... Twenty-second grade. Though really, grad school isn't exactly school any more. It's an excuse to pay us $15,800 a year (my starting stipend in 1998) to be TAs and work 60 hours a week in the lab.

Bitter, party of one... Your table's ready!