Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OB appointment aka the boring appointment

OB appointments at this point are kind of useless. The OB even conceded that their office was no longer calling the shots and they wait to get the reports on what my care should be from the MFM, so basically this appointment was just to see if I've gained weight, measure my fundal height, as I remind the doctor the events and measurements from the hospital and from MFM.

As far as weight gain not a whole lot of that happening which I find a little concerning even though I have read that it sometimes slows with twins. Since my last OB appointment three weeks ago I've only gained 2 pounds. So I'm up a total of 30. I asked the doctor if I should be worried about this but he seemed to think it was okay. Also I'm still only measuring 34 weeks, which is what I measuring 3 weeks again. So now I'm worried the babies aren't growing or something, and we don't have another growth scan scheduled until the 20th, so another 5 days. Hopefully, they're getting huge and for whatever reason I'm not exhibiting that trend physically.

I also asked my doctor about NICU time, and told me that usually at the hospital where I'm delivering they typically keep any babies born before 36 weeks until they would have been 36 weeks. So if our babies were born at 30 weeks they could be facing at least 6 weeks of NICU time. So little babies you are not allowed to exit anytime soon. Also the doppler picked up our little girl in a different spot, and the doctor asked if they were both head down. They weren't as of last week, but I'll be curious to see on the ultrasound today where our little girl is currently located. She has a tendency to wander around in there, she's kind of a pain in the butt actually which both Marcus and I find endearing. The doctors are less amused by her though, she's really difficult to monitor, because she won't stay on it, and of course refuses any face shots at ultrasounds.

Aside from that nothing exciting. Although there's a nurse at my OB's office that I find so obnoxious. She always asks personal questions and she's a little to touchy for my liking. For example every time I encounter her she grabs my hand to look at my wedding ring. Every single time. Today she crossed a whole new line when she began to touch my stomach and comment on whether she was feeling a head or something. It was creepy.

She also seemed to have missed the memo that I was having twins, and when I told her she leaned in and whispered, "Did you do invitro?" I answered truthfully that we hadn't, but then because of her follow up question I told her we did IUI, to which her response was, "At least your not having 10." Awesome, totally professional. Then for good measure I also threw in that twins run in my family (because they do) and then she was all confused about the source of my babies, I'm not sure why she thought it was her business to figure it out.

Now we wait a few hours for the MFM where we'll actually get a real idea of what's going on. I'm praying that my cervix has held steady, no changes, no shortening, and especially no dilation.

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~Jess said...

I'm glad it was "boring": Prayfully those babies stay in there for several more weeks!

How weird of a nurse is she?! Hate when people are like that.