Saturday, April 4, 2009

I spoke to soon...

Yesterday I ended my blog on a cheerful note that things would stay stable and all would be well, which was a lovely thought I think. However, not the reality. Around 10 pm I started having some weird back pains. Not the kind that prevents me from walking but some odd cramping that I had not yet experienced, and some pressure on and off in my lower uterus. Since the pain wasn't too bad, and I didn't really want to take a trip to L&D I waited a little bit, but decided after about an hour of pain that since it was a different pain I would just call and ask. Of course the doctor can't tell anything over the phone so around 12:15 off to L&D we went.

Once hooked up to the monitors we discovered I was contracting every few minutes which was kind of scary, since I definitely wasn't feeling the ache in the back the pressure that often. Many times when it showed I was contracting on the monitor I couldn't feel it at all. To help slow the contractions they gave me a shot of terbutaline, did yet another fFN test, and checked my cervix.

My cervix was shorter now measuring 1.6-2.0 (down from the previous 2.1) but it was a positive sign that I wasn't dilating at this point although the continual shrinking cervix isn't really good either, but still better than dilation. The hope was that the doctors could slow the contractions with the medicine, and if the fFN was negative they would send me home. While we waited for the results of the fFN, they gave me another shot of terbutaline since the first didn't quite do it, plus a pill form of something similar to also help with the contractions (starts with a P). I hate the terbutaline it makes me feel like I'm on crack or something jittery and shaking.

Anyway, turned out the fFN this time was positive, which isn't as conclusive as a negative test, but can indicate preterm labor so the doctor wanted to give me the steroid shots to help develop the babies lungs and admit me to the hospital. I had the first steroid shot at 3am and it was by far one of the most painful shots I've ever had it was no joke. They also started an IV at this point, and the doctor began discussing delivery options/concerns/NICU stuff and what it might mean to have our babies at 27 weeks. Not really the conversation I was hoping we would have.

They then moved me from L&D up to Maternal special care and I spent several more hours on the monitors (Which made it impossible to sleep). Finally around 7am they took the monitors off and I was able to sleep for about an hour. As of now things are stable they're still giving me the oral medication, and the doctor told us the first thing we're looking ahead to is making it to the second steroid shot which will take place at 3am in the morning since they're given 24 hours apart. For now I'm stuck in the bed, except to go the bathroom, and Marcus and I are just hanging out in the hospital hoping that we'll be able to go home soon (perhaps tomorrow even), but so far we haven't been given any official word on how long we'll be here. Mostly it will depend on how my body responds to the meds. and if they feel like I'm in a stable enough position to go home. So that's where we're currently at.

At the last monitoring about an hour ago both babies were still doing well and my contractions had slowed which means some of these drugs are working. All hopeful news. We just want the babies to stay in for many more week.

Marcus told me to smile, that's the best I could come up with. I've had one hour of sleep and a lot drugs. Additionally if this doesn't make any sense again I've had an hour of sleep, crazy drugs, and typing with the IV is surprisingly painful.

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~Jess said...

For what it's worth, you look great in the picture! We're praying for you guys...hopefully those little ones stay in for a long time, but a few more weeks at the very least.

Hang in there.