Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cervix check turned hospital admittance

So this day didn't go at all how we wanted. Our appointment with MFM was at 1:00 and when they checked my cervix it had shortened even more, down to about .4, or as the doctor said it's pretty much immeasurable at this point. They decided to do the growth scan today as well even though that wasn't scheduled until next Monday,

Our baby boy is 2lbs 12oz and our little girl is 2lbs 8oz. After the growth scan they put me on the monitors to see if I was contracting and of course I was, so they shipped me off to Labor and delivery. Where there was more monitoring and more contractions. The doctor told me that he was admitting me to the hospital because my cervix basically doesn't exist anymore and if/when I deliver the babies will need immediate attention. He also told me I would more than likely be here for the duration of the pregnancy however long that turns out to be. Hopefully several more weeks.

So here I am in the hospital, still on the monitors, still contracting and still just taking all of this day by day. Hoping for more several more weeks.


G & H said...

Hey! Found your blog through " Life in the White House" and wanted to send my well wishes and prays to you !!!

Thinking of you!!!!

Haley said...

Keep us posted - you are in good hands now!

~Jess said...

Hang in there...*hugs and prayers*

May said...

Hello- here from Mel's Lost and Found. My daughter was born safely after 12 weeks of preterm labor, 9 of them in the hospital. I hope those babies of yours stay put! I had no cervix left at all yet managed not to deliver, so it can be done! I'm thinking about you and hoping for many more days of pregnancy.