Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some hilarity...

I'm astounded at the number of people at my school who are just now connecting the dots that I'm pregnant. During my internship class yesterday (the 3 hour painful class that it was) I became the topic of conversation on several occasions. First, my friend Eddy, admitted that he was a little embarrassed that he hadn't noticed before, but he responded more appropriately than almost anyone else I've encountered and just said congratulations (what a novel concept to actually congratulate someone on their pregnancy this has not been the normal reaction around here). When I followed up that it was twins he just said, "no sh*t" hilarious.

This then led to Kevin the guy sitting next to Eddy to whisper for confirmation that I was indeed pregnant, to which Eddy and I just laughed. Then Kevin wanted to know if I was aware that I was pregnant when we all traveled to Florida (I was 15 weeks) which prompted more laughter on my part when I explained to Kevin that I had know since October, to which one of my instructors responded, "She probably knew when it happened." There were a few more follow up questions such as why I hadn't told any of them in Florida, and I just explained that it never came up, and nobody asked haha. To which Kevin offered the helpful response, "maybe you didn't want to jinx the baby". Um... sure I'll go with that.

Eventually, class attention shift away from me and we got back to discussing community organizing... that is until I yawned and my supervisor (Who is also one of the instructors) mentioned that I was yawning for three, so it was allowable. Which disrupted the entire class again with this new revelation that I was having twins (only 2 people in the class knew prior that it was twins). Then the questions started again, and included the following... with my responses.

"Was your mom a twin, they skip a generation right?" - That's a myth but I do have twin sisters.
"Are they identical or fraternal." - Fraternal...
"oh so a boy and a girl" - Yes but you can have fraternal twins of the same sex too.
"You're lucky now you can be done having kids." - yes I suppose I could be
"So you've had an ultrasound" - Yes I've had 15 or 16 ultrasounds.
"Why" - I'm high risk
"Why are you high risk" - Um we probably don't need to talk about my medical history.
My favorite from Kevin (he's very interesting) - "That must be why you're only 6 months but you look huge." (and then he used his arms to illustrate just how large I am) --umm.. thanks Kevin that's kind of you (which made my supervisor laugh)
"Actually, I think you look pretty good for carrying two babies." - Thanks
Kevin again, "Can you feel them move yet?" - Yes

Finally, sensing the combination of my annoyance, embarrassment, and amusement my supervisor re-engaged the class stating that now that we know all of Sadie's medical history let's move on. So, so random and kind of amusing too.

Sometimes for attending a school full of intelligent people I'm a little surprised by some of their comments.

After class was over I needed to stop by the library to get a few books for the ridiculous paper that I should be writing at this very second (but I'm not) and I only had a few minutes before the library closed. In the basement I found the book I needed but it was on the top shelf, which is normally pretty difficult for me to reach, but somehow with a large belly the task was impossible. Every attempt to grab the book just pushed it further and further away.

Moving into problem solving mode I decided to try and locate a tall person. Unfortunately, because it was 4:40 on a friday the library was deserted. My next plan of action was to drag a chair into the row and reach it that way, but honestly the chairs looked heavy, and the thought of climbing up on a chair seemed like a lot of work. I was going to give up but as I headed out of the library I discovered a stool. So with my arms full of my coat, bag, and books, I somehow hoisted the stool up and made it back to the appropriate location. Of course then as I reached for the book I needed I ended up knocking a few books off the shelf, which I needed to then bend down and retrieve (not an easy task at this point).

At this point my friend Sara who works at the library was making the rounds to let everyone know the library was closing, and when she saw me she just started laughing, and asked if I needed help. But at that point it was too late, I had successfully (and awkwardly) obtained the book in question...

It never occurred to me that the library could be a hazard when pregnant.

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Gotta love the ridiculous comments and conversations about you're not in the room lol