Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Growth Scan #2 and OB Appointment

For once we have nothing new or remarkable to report. The MFM people didn't repeat the fFN since I had it done on Saturday and it was negative. The babies are growing well. The baby boy weights 1 lb 11 oz and the girl 1 lb 10 oz, so the gap between the two of them is closing. My cervix remains unchanged since the hospital visit as well (Which is good since it's only been two days). Right after this first appointment we had another boring OB appointment.

Met a new doctor, did the glucose test which wasn't too bad although the drink wasn't so good towards the end and made me feel a little nauseous and gave me a headache. I'm assuming someone will let me know those results soon. Since my last appointment I've gained 4 lbs so I'm still gaining about 2 a week and have gained a total of 27lbs this pregnancy. Which avg. to about a pound a week over the entire pregnancy and the doctor seems satisfied with that.

And the most shocking measurement my uterus is now measuring 34w and I'm only 25w5d. Holy crap I'm going to be huge. I liked the doctor I saw today, maybe he'll be the one to deliver the babies. Although he did over explain things to us, at this point we know all about the fFN test and things like that but he doesn't know that and he was really nice. He also gave me some things to try to see if it helps manage some of the pain.

So that's all nothing remarkable thank goodness. All will be repeated in 2 weeks. Now off to class.

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