Thursday, March 12, 2009

24 Weeks aka V-Day

Some (in the internet world) refer to 24 weeks as V-Day the magic viability day (in my world as a student V-Day pertains to the Vagina monologues, but I suppose viability will work too) . Which really just means if the babies were born now they could maybe, live and the hospital and doctors would do what they could to save them. So while in reality it means very little because lets be serious babies at 24 weeks is crazy early, it is a nice milestone to reach and each day the babies are stronger and stronger.

Week 24 has been fairly boring as I spend most of my time sitting on the couch with my feet up. I don't sit there non-stop I do leave the apartment and go on short trips to the stores, I go to doctor appointment etc. but I really am trying to limit by activities and walking per the advice of the MFM doctors. I also read that heavy lifting was not advised with a shortened cervix so that pretty much cemented the deal that I had to get a back pack with wheels. Marcus has finally won that battle and I will now join the ranks of many of the second career students on campus (who as a side note have a group called the Former Prophets) and roll my belonging around. It should be delivered tomorrow. I think Marcus finds the fact that I caved a little bit funny. Especially because a few years ago his grandparents bought him a backpack for Christmas and it was one that had wheels on it. He was immediately horrified and he exchanged it as fast as he could. He never even considered it and now here we are a few years later, both older, wiser, (me) pregnant, and sporting a backpack with wheels (and he just laughs). Maybe after the babies are born I'll make him use it for a while see how he likes it.

Sleeping still isn't going well and it's becoming increasingly difficult to roll over and get in and out of bed. So I've taken to referring to myself as a beached whale (which just for the record no one else is allowed to call me) but that's kind of how I feel in our bed. Our bed is really, really, tall, mostly because we have it on lifts so we can store things underneath since we live in a tiny little place. So getting in requires a lot of effort and getting out requires just as much and often I just feel stuck. Similar, I image to how a beached whale must feel unable to move easily to it's desired location. Marcus also finds this comparison hilarious, apparently these days I am here for his amusement.

I think one of my favorite moments from this week though is when I woke up to Marcus smiling and laughing. I was still asleep and he had put his hand on my stomach and the little girl started kicking. So Marcus and his daughter had a little moment and it was adorable to wake up and see how happy and excited Marcus was to feel one of his babies.

All in all I'm hanging in there. Tomorrow I have another cervix check and I imagine they'll do another fFN so hopefully all is holding steady.

24 Weeks...

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