Monday, March 9, 2009

OB appointment 23w4d

These appointments are so boring but right now I'll take boring since at the MFM we never really get such boring news. I've gained 8 pounds since my last appointment four weeks ago and I have gained a total of 23 pounds this pregnancy which I guess is good. I'm also suppose to start an iron supplement and depending on what my next cervix check says on Friday she says I may need to stop working.

She also measured my uterus and I'm measuring 29 weeks so that pretty much confirms it for me that I'm going to be huge, but I suppose that's to be expected with twins. Other than that nothing too exciting, we listened to the babies heartbeats and I'm now starting bi-weekly appointments, the next one will include the 1 hour glucose test.

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~Jess said...

I'm glad everything went all right. Boring is good.