Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I quit my job...

Maybe I'm being overly cautious but given my schedule with school, work, and internship something needed to go. I only work part time but at the end of those work hours I'm exhausted and I hurt. My job involves dealing with huge old maps. Which doesn't really sound that physical but it is because it involves pulling huge files of maps out of huge cabinets, and the benefits just didn't outweigh the potential risks anymore.

I feel awful about it though. I feel really guilty because they spent so much time training me and I feel like I've just abandoned them and the project that I started especially since they wanted me full time again this summer. I know in the end it's the right decision I just wish I wasn't having to make these decisions yet. I really wanted to finish out the semester of work. I know quitting doesn't make me a failure but in some ways it feels like. I don't quit things ever and now just like that no more maps. I'm a little sad about it. (But Marcus is happy).

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