Sunday, March 1, 2009

Marcus makes me laugh...

He had today off, which is a first. He never gets weekends off and he spent all day cleaning out what will be the nursery, which as I mentioned before is no easy task. He carried the now empty desk to the basement of our apartment building, along with futon (I'm not sure how he didn't kill himself moving these two things alone) and then moved our other desk and a shelf full of my scrapbook supplies into our bedroom. Finally, he assembled the dresser/changing table.

A few minutes ago I thanked him for all his work and then jokingly told him he must be nesting. He looked at me a little confused and said, "Is that because I'm the daddy bird and I have to build the nest or something?" Haha... he had no idea what nesting in relation to pregnancy meant. Funny stuff.

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~Jess said...

hahaha...too funny! I said the same thing to matt when I started telling him all the things we needed done before the baby gets here...he just was like "what?" lol