Thursday, January 1, 2009

14 Weeks New Years Day

14 weeks was uneventful overall. I started having to wear the bella band full time as my pants no longer button and Marcus and I particularly notice a change in my appearance. We were still home in Nevada this week and earlier on I was experiencing some cramping and spotting which was enough of a concern that I emailed my doctor. The on-call doctor called me almost immediately based on what I shared with him he didn't think it was enough of a concern to warrant a visit to the ER, which was enough reassurance for me.

Marcus on the other hand was freaking out (again). He wanted to me to just lay in bed all day and not move. He's so cute but really he needs to relax just a little bit. We're still earlier enough in this pregnancy that if something was wrong more than likely there's nothing anyone could do about it anyways. Other than that nothing exciting to report for week 14.

Oh and this week I decided to also take a covered belly picture because it's becoming a little more obvious than it was before and I image that at some point I'll no longer be comfortable with people seeing my bare belly.

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