Monday, January 12, 2009

New Pants?

I'm a stubborn person by nature and I don't want to spend money on maternity clothes until I absolutely have to. For the most part I can get by fine with my pre-pregnancy pants and the bella band. However, today has been posing sort of a problem. I haven't had the time or energy to do laundry from my Florida trip and so all my pants that are reasonably comfortable are dirty, so I pulled out an older pair that I haven't worn in years. They don't button or zip at all, and even with the bella band they're well... um not so cute, but we were late, I was desperate, and the bella band holds them up alright so they'll work until I can do laundry.

Marcus on the other hand who is excited for all things pregnancy related (and loves the book which suggested that by this stage I may need maternity clothes) has been bugging me to buy new clothes for a while now and seeing my latest pants dilemma today suggested that we, as he put it, "At least buy some stretchy pants."

Which just confused me because I have no idea what "stretchy pants" are but they sound like something from the 80's that I wouldn't actually want to wear. Turns out he just meant some maternity pants, but I think he doesn't fully grasp what maternity pants are like and will probably be surprised that you can buy fairly normal looking jeans that aren't "stretchy pants" He's funny, but I think I'll keep holding off on the new clothes for as long as possible.

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~Jess said...

LoL Marcus is too funny with how excited he is :-D

I would look at yoga paints too. I have a pair of those that I've had for about 6 years, and they work great for those days that everything else is just too tight.

I've seriously considered maternity jeans, just because I figure I can avoid the unsightly gap in the back.

I have a secret love of maternity clothes. Whenever I go shopping I don't pay attention to the department and just wander around...all the clothes I ever like are in the maternity dept. ARGH!