Thursday, January 22, 2009

17 Weeks

Newest development this week is my back is killing me. It hurts to sit and move and wear my backpack. Earlier in the pregnancy I joked with Marcus that I would have to get a backpack with wheels on it (which are primarily used by the older second career students) that joke may become a reality soon.

I'm also thirsty all the time. I can't seem to drink enough water. I have no idea if this extreme thirst is normal or not but it's somewhat problematic because drinking leads to even more excess bathroom use, and sneezing is also a dangerous occurrence these days... it's all just a very dangerous combination. I also have a larger appetite than I'm used to. Marcus and I went out to lunch and I finished all of it and had dessert, Marcus was really amused because pre-pregnancy I never finished a meal when we went out to eat.

I'm still struggling a little to accept the getting bigger part of all of this. I'm self conscious of my stomach which I know is the opposite of how most pregnant women feel I hate that I feel that way and hope with more time I'll get used to it. Marcus' Grandma also asked if I was fat yet? Probably not the best way to frame the question. I'm working on this aspect of it. It helps that Marcus loves my belly and he has conversations with our babies (that are whispered) so I can't hear, but I think that's my favorite part of all of this.

Also at this point it's a real possibility that our children won't have names. Marcus and I don't agree on anything. I'll suggest something and he can always come up with some random negative connotation. Good thing we still have time.

(I'm also beginning to think we should take these pictures in the morning when I don't look so tired and awful eek).

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