Sunday, January 25, 2009

4 years ago...

Our future daughter was named by her grandma during a game of cards. I kept the emails my MIL wrote about it dated 12/30/04 so that I could someday show her why her grandparents may refer to her as Ed (I save everything anyways but I was very intentional about saving these particular ones) but here's how she was named 4 years ago, written by her Grandma.
While playing cards the other night, I kindly suggested to Sadie that when she and Mark have a daughter, they can name her "Elaine Debbie" (both moms). Sadie began to laugh. I have never seen my daughter in law laugh so hard. so then I suggested initials (some people do that and it's quite cute) which would be E.D. She laughed harder. Rich said that would be Ed. He didn't want a granddaughter named Ed. No one was taking my suggestions seriously.

(can you believe it???)

And the follow up responses to the suggestion by some of Debbie's friends...

I sincerely hope that Sadie and Mark appreciate us naming their daughter! I know it is helpful to me. LOL

from Lisa:
Debbie, Ed is an interesting name. But, remember Ed was also a talking horse from a few years ago.....what if you turned it around and the name was Dee - then you would be first! Lisa

from Shelly:
Sorry, Debbie. But Ed could also be short for Edwina...but then I think how could you do that to a child? Hopefully we will have a few years to ponder this...


but Sadie and Mark aren't going to tell us the name!!!! They are going to wait until she is born and then suprise me/us with little Elaine Deborah Stone. And we will call her Ed. I like Ed better than Dee. So Debbie Elaine is out.

from Kevin:
I do believe children these days don't want to name their children after their parents, so maybe that's why Sadie laughed. Or maybe her idea for children is down the road quite a bit.

I do know that children are down the road a bit for them. And that is good. I really only want them to have kids when they are ready to. but then....I want them to have 12. (cheaper by the dozen you know) LOL LOL

from Meghan:
Debbie Elaine...or better yet, Debbie Rich Elaine...Dre.

but we need to add Mike for Sadie's dad too.
so....Drem? or Emrd? I think she will always be Ed to me. :~) My little granddaugter Ed.

Since we currently can't agree on any names Ed is actually looking like a reasonable suggestion. Now our boy needs a name any suggestions haha.

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~Jess said...

Too funny! We've had names picked out for ages...I have a long list of both boys and girls names (first and middle). What 'style' of names do you like best: Creative, traditional, ethnic, etc?