Thursday, January 29, 2009

18 Weeks

There's not much to report except that I'm in pain all the time. It's the same symptoms as my fibromyalgia just worse now and all the time. My back aches, the joints in my knees, and I'm worried that it's only going to get worse. I'm suppose to see my rheumatologist next friday but I have to re-schedule and he's impossible to get in to. I'm also at at a stage where the physical therapy exercises I was doing no longer work, because I can't lay on my back or my side without pain.

Sleeping is also painful because sleeping on my left side hurts my hips, back, and neck but it's unbearable to lay on my back or other side, but oh well. Such is life. Other than that all is well. I still haven't felt the babies which is sort of starting to make me sad. So many women on my pregnancy board who are behind me have felt them and still nothing here. Well that's not true I did feel a random flutter thing once a few days ago but I can't decide if that was a baby or not. I guess I don't really know what I'm expecting but I can't wait until something is undeniable.

My appetite continues to be insane and I find that I have to eat a snack a few hours after breakfast and a snack after lunch as well. I'm still drinking water like crazy which is particularly problematic with some of my longer classes I hate getting up in the middle of them.

I also went back to work this week and I haven't told anyone there that I'm pregnant although I'm sure they have to suspect something because it's been 6 weeks since they've seen me and I have a much larger belly. Everyone is too polite to say anything and I don't know how to bring it up. I'm an awkward person... Oh, and because I work with rare maps the door to the department is locked all the time so they can monitor who comes in and out, well since I have to use the bathroom every three minutes it's really obvious, because when I come back I have to ring the doorbell and someone has to let me in, so I'm probably also annoying everyone, haha they have to know something is up.

In other news, still no names. Marcus is surprisingly difficult (and he's easy going about most things in life) but we've been getting a lot of suggestions from people so I'm sure eventually we'll reach a decision. Marcus is also surprisingly difficult in the nursery bedding. For some reason he really thought that they needed to have animals of some sort on them, and I like a more modern design. We did finally agree on something (I think) but we've only seen it online and not sure how it'll look in person. He's anxious to start the nursery and really wants to just paint the walls in our apartment because according to him who's going to check, however I'm insistent that if we want to try and paint we get permission first and then of course we'll have to repaint when we move out. I have some other ideas of things we can do with the white walls so we'll see.

Finally, Marcus bought a scale. My therapist suggested it (for a variety of reasons that I don't want to get into) and according to our home scale I'm now up a total of 9 pounds since the beginning of the pregnancy. I wonder how our scale compares to the doctor. At least now I guess I can monitor my weight from week to week. We'll see if that's a good or a bad thing.

The belly pictures (I look awful I just had a four hour meeting for my internship which was preceded by 6 hours of work, again we need to try them in the morning when I don't look so horrible).

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