Saturday, January 31, 2009

Called urgent care...

They were really unhelpful. I really try to be a calm rational pregnant lady. I don't think I really freak out often, but a few hours ago I started having severe cramping in my uterus and lower back. It was bad, really really bad. I figured since it probably wasn't normal it would be best to talk to the on-call OBGYN to see if I needed to go in somewhere, and to do that you have to call urgent care and they page the on-call doctor who is suppose to call you back.

It took him 40 minutes to call me back and he basically just dismissed me. Apparently, at 18 weeks even if I was having contractions there's nothing they can do about it (according to him) and he told me to lay down and drink water (which I was already doing). Thanks.

The cramping lasted several hours and now I'm just trying to lay here and not doing much of anything. I wish the doctor wouldn't have made me feel like an idiot, but he did. Oh well. I suppose for now all is well.

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~Jess said...

What an ass! Regardless of whether you're rational or not, you're pregnant with twins, a high risk pregnancy. I think he should have given a little more consideration!

I'll be sending up prayers that all is all right.