Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is just going to be a quick vent...

We didn't tell people about the pregnancy IRL for a while for several reasons. The first we wanted to make sure everything was okay before we told the world, we also wanted to tell our families in person so that gave us our timeline, and finally I really didn't want people to treat me differently.

The third thing has come to light recently with some friends and it's annoying. I know it comes from her caring and she doesn't mean anything by it but her new thing is to refuse to allow me to walk any where. Seriously. Yesterday, she was at my apartment before we went to a lecture and since she was driving we needed to go to her car. She looked alarmed and told me I should wait here, and she would pull around to pick me up. Umm... no. I can still walk.

I recognize that there may come a time when walking is uncomfortable and I'll more than likely take people up on such offers but at this point all is well, I'm still mobile, I can walk, I can put my jacket on without any assistance, and I can even carry a book or two. Everything is okay. (And just so it's clear I know that there may come a point when these things are difficult, but that's not now).

That's all for now (even though there are more examples).

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