Thursday, January 15, 2009

16 Weeks

I'm late in posting this (but only by a week and I'm pretending I'm not late by changing the date). Week 16 was fairly uneventful. We signed up for our child birth classes, my only concern is they didn't offer one until the end of April so they'll start when I'm 30 weeks and end when I'm 35 weeks. My concern is that with twins who knows where I'll be at that point. When I spoke to the lady she seemed totally unconcerned, so for now we're signed up lets hope everything goes smoothly and we can actually attend.

Sleeping is also becoming a chore. I'm a stomach sleeper and can't really do that anymore, and laying on my side hurts my hip and neck. I'm working on finding the right position. I also caved and bought some maternity jeans. I still think they're kind of frumpy looking and I'm still at an awkward stage where my pre-pregnancy pants with the bella band were too tight, but the maternity pants are still a little too big, I'm sure soon enough I'll grow into them.

Now for the awkward 16 week pictures. Forgive my appearance. I was exhausted after a late night training with my internship.

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