Sunday, January 11, 2009

15 weeks Immokalee, Florida

This week was by far one of my most challenging. We arrived back in Connecticut at 1 in the morning on Saturday Jan 3rd, and I had to leave Monday morning for a required trip to Florida for my internship. I also managed to get sick on the return flight and spent all day Sunday laying on the couch with a sinus infection and a headache unable to take any medication because of the babies.

Between feeling sick and my exhaustion from traveling going to Florida was 6 of my classmates who I don't know very well did not seem appealing. The flight to Florida was painful. Because my sinus were clogged my ears wouldn't adapt to the altitude change of flying and my ears hurt and I couldn't hear out of them.

Although I tried to resist taking anything it just wasn't possible and I did end up using a nasal spray during the week. It was the only way I was able to function during our 12 hour long days full of meetings and other activities. It was also interesting for me because the weather was really nice in the 70's and 80's and I was unable to hide behind sweatshirts and sweaters. None of my classmates know that I'm pregnant but to me it's becoming more obvious everyday, particularly in "summer" clothes. As far as I know nobody suspects a thing and if they do they all obviously know the rule that you should never make the assumption that someone is pregnant (until they're glaringly, obviously, pregnant). I'm still at the stage where I could have just eaten to much during the holidays.

Aside from my sinus issues, I felt fine. No issues related to the pregnancy at all. Had I not had the cold/sinus problems the trip would have been no big deal at all, even with the 12 hour days.

I finally have another doctor's appointment tomorrow which I'm eager for. It's been a long time since we've seen/heard our babies and I'm intersted to know where I'm at with the weight gain. I'm also still sick a week later and hopefully my doctor can give me some suggestions on how to make it go away so I can be prepared for the start of the new semester.

With just the tank on I think I look pregnant, it's less obvious with the bare belly.

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~Jess said...

You look adorable! I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!