Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby stuff...

Yesterday, for the first time Marcus and I ventured out to intentionally look at cribs and strollers and all that fun stuff. We mostly just wanted to get an idea of how much money we would need to get the basics. Holy crap there are a lot of options. We went to Ikea first because their cribs are cheap and in the Baby Bargains book they have a good rating and we found a crib that would work. That is until we went to Babies R us to compare and liked all of those cribs much better even though they cost a lot more.

I'm sure we'll end up going with Ikea just because we're practical people and really can't spend all our money buying two cribs when there are other things we need. We also reached the conclusion that having twins complicates things. There was hardly anything designed for twins out of all the strollers they had three for twins, but now we have an idea and slowly over the next few months we'll probably start buying things.

To date we haven't purchased a single baby related item with the exception of two books. I'm feeling a little bit
overwhelmed at the moment.

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~Jess said...

In spite of IF I do love baby stuff: Cribs, dressers, strollers etc.

We're lucky that we don't have to get cribs/dresser, unless, by the grace of God, we ever have twins (fingers crossed).

Only a few more weeks til you know genders :-)