Thursday, September 30, 2010

Urgent Care Visit...

Eli and Emerson have had runny noses for the past week, then they developed a cough and then this morning Eli woke up crying and he just wouldn't stop. Which is really unusual for him, we could tell something was hurting and I feel so bad that he can't tell us what it is. I went to work and Marcus was home with them today and they both developed fevers. Eli's was 101.7 and it wouldn't go down even with Tylenol so we decided it was probably time for a doctor visit.

Which if you've been following my blog you know that we are having health insurance issues and the babies are not currently covered. We went to the urgent care near our house and when we told them we didn't have insurance their first reaction was to send us to an ER or to find another urgent care. (Which just made me angry). Finally, I told them we would just pay for them up front so she finally agreed.

Then the really fun part, she tried to run my card twice for the exact same amount, one for each kid. The only problem is that I have really tight fraud protection on my card which prevents the card from being used twice in the same place, within a certain amount of time for the same amount. (Why she didn't just add the cost together for both kids and run it that way I'll never know).

So my card went through once and then was denied the second time (for my protection) but she probably just thought we were uninsured and without funds. I hate this entire health insurance situation it makes me so incredibly angry.

The babies are both on antibiotics because they have the start of ear infections and for the infection in their chests. Hopefully they'll feel better soon.


Carlita said...

Oh poor babies. What a horrible experience - sick children combined with the need to go into combat mode just to get them treated. I hope you get insurance for them very very soon. I also hope they feel better very very soon.

~Jess said...

Oh Sadie! Poor babies, I hope they're doing better soon. Don't most offices want to get everyone on the "system"'d think they'd be instrumental in getting you guys insured.

I, too, hope you guys get the insurance thing squared up soon.