Saturday, September 18, 2010

No clever title...

I have no idea what to call this post because it's going to be another mishmash.

* An update to the lost piggy drama. We've had no luck in finding another "piggy" just like the one we lost, so we've done several things which include ordering three more pigs to see if she'll take one. The first of the three arrived today and while she liked it (she likes all stuffed animals) it clearly wasn't her piggy. Our best hope is I've found someone on etsy who is going to make us a piggy using a picture. Hopefully that will turn out close for all of our sakes.

It seems that Emerson's replacement "piggy" is me. She clings to be ALL.THE.TIME. It's driving me nuts. She wants me to hold her and she has to be touching me so if I'm standing she clings to a leg, if I'm sitting she lounges next to me. If I'm not holding her she cries. It's a really good time. Naps and bedtime have also been a little rough. She immediately starts searching for her piggy when she knows it's time for bed.

* Eli has learned the art of teasing. He's figured out that it's really fun to take something Emerson wants, walk up to her and hand her something. When Emerson reaches for the object he snatches it back and takes of laughing and running. His ultimate goal is that Emerson will then chase after him (because he loves being chased).

Emerson however is not so amused and she also doesn't really chase, mostly she just screams. So Eli taunts and laughs, and Emerson screams. I try really hard not to laugh but it's hilarious because Eli has so much fun doing it. Poor Emerson though it's not so fun for him.  Before Piggy was lost that was his favorite thing to tease her with. I wonder where they learn things like that?

* Today on facebook a friend of mine posted a link to a gospel choir and church singing a hymn. I clicked the link and when the song started playing the babies went nuts, especially Emerson. It was one of those moments I wished I had a video camera handy. Emerson looked as though she had been "seized by the holy spirit" (haha) she was clapping and stamping her feet, and flinging her body all over the place. I could not stop laughing. Eli was also dancing and clapping but he was much more in control then Emerson was. One of the best moments of an otherwise not so good day.

* Eli really likes to walk around with things over his eyes. A few weeks ago we unpacked a box that had all of our winter gear in it and Eli brought over a hat and indicated that he wanted it on his head. We put it on and then he pulled it over his eyes.

Like This.

Then he stood up and took off running as fast as he could.  Then Emerson who strives to emulate her brother in all things brought over a hat and she too pulled it over her eyes.

(Ignore the stuff all over the floor we were unpacking).

Then they ran into each other which they both thought was hilarious and laughing hysterically they both continued to run into each other over and over. They can be incredibly entertaining these days. 

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