Friday, October 1, 2010

Last night was not fun...

I'm functioning on just a few broken hours of sleep because Emerson did not sleep at all last night. She went to bed okay but she woke up crying and with a higher fever and she only wanted me. So I took her downstairs and rocked her for about an hour. (She would sleep in my arms). When I laid her down the crying started again. So Marcus took her from me and if I leave her sight eventually she'll calm down with Marcus.

He got her asleep and laid her back in her crib and that lasted about 10 minutes before she woke up crying again. She was still burning with fever so Marcus gave her some tylenol and handed her off to be in our bed which is the precise moment she puked all over me, herself, and our bed.

We changed the sheets, threw some laundry end and the rest of my night was spent holding an incredibly sick baby who just wanted her mama. Just like Eli yesterday we're having trouble getting her temperature to go down.

I really wanted to stay home from work today but there was no way for me to do that because I was meeting with several people. Marcus told me that she threw up again this morning after getting her antibiotics.

On the plus side Eli slept pretty well last night and seemed better this morning. He is also very worried about his sister and when she just cries you can tell he wants to know what's wrong.

Marcus said that Emerson was napping this morning and Eli kept going over to her crib to check on her. I really hope they feel better soon and that Marcus and I can avoid catching whatever it is they have.

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