Saturday, September 11, 2010

Random Things...

1.) I'm really sick and can hardly function and both the babies are sick as well. It should be against the rules for all of us to get sick at once. Eli has a little bit of a cough and whenever he has a real cough he also gets a fake cough. It's hilarious that he'll just go around fake coughing.

2.) We discovered today that the babies love Home Depot. The lights, ceiling fans, paint chips it was all very exciting. They also had some American Flags, Eli loves loves loves flags. He kept saying, "Ooohhhh, ooohhh dada oohhh" as he was pointing.

3.) Eli ate a piece of a Banana today and he chewed it. That's never happened before baby steps I suppose.

4.) My grandma's funeral was today. I didn't go, we weren't close at all in fact I don't really have any fond memories of her. I feel guilty for not being more upset, I feel guilty that I wasn't able to go, it's weird that she's gone.

5.) Every time Emerson sees a dog she says gaga or something to that affect. I guess that's her version of dog or puppy?

6.) Speaking of dogs in a desperate attempt to stop the babies from whining Marcus started showing the babies youtube videos of dogs. It was a huge hit they were both so excited at all the puppy videos.

7.) I'm reading Cleaving by Julie Powell (She wrote Julie & Julia) it's quite possibly one of the worst books I've ever read).

8.) The church nursery has a plastic fried chicken leg. It is without question Eli's favorite thing. Every time we take them to the nursery he finds the fake fried chicken and carried it around. We have to pry it out of his hands every time we leave.

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~Jess said...

I hope you guys are all feeling better soon!

YAY ELI!!! Hopefully the banana is the beginning of change :-)