Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Road Trip...

This weekend we took the babies on their longest road-trip yet. We went to Wyoming for my cousin's wedding. They both did great on the trip. They have new convertible car-seats (yes we're a little slow but they still fit in their infant seats just fine) so they have a whole new view and they can now see each other. Several times on the trip they were playing peek-a-boo with each other or handing each other things and laughing.

We learned several new "fun" things on this trip though, since this is the first time we've traveled by car for such a long distance and the first time we've traveled at all since they've started walking.

One, is that stopping turns into an hour ordeal. We actually didn't have to stop too often because of the timing of our driving but we did have to stop to feed the babies and let them run around a little bit. Emphasis on the running around part. We stopped at a rest area in Wyoming called Little America. Both Marcus and I needed to use the bathroom so we took turns being alone with the babies in a store.

Holy, two babies going two different ways each one getting excited about every random little object on the shelves. It was ridiculous. Now that they can walk they do not want to be carried especially after being in the car so off they went everywhere.

An older man called me over to his table at one point after watching me with the babies for a little bit. He said to me, "Young lady I want you to know that you're going to have your hands full for quite some time." haha um yes... thanks for pointing out the obvious.

We also had an interesting experience our first night in a hotel. We only own one pack and play because we mainly used it when they were younger and could share. So we brought along the one and assumed that our hotel would have cribs (every hotel we've stayed in this last year has had not one but two cribs for the babies).

We arrived at our hotel around 11pm called the front desk and learned that they did not have any cribs. Crap. There's no way they can share a pack in play these days so we at first put Eli in the pack and play (because he's generally the less calm of the two) and put Emerson in the bed with us.

Eli went right to sleep...

Emerson on the other hand thought that it was party time. She kept standing up and jumping on the bed, she was turning circles, attempting to dive over both Marcus and I. Tapping us on the heads when we weren't paying attention. Any attempt to lay her back down elicited giggles as though we were playing the funniest game ever.

So plan two.

Take the sleeping baby out of the pack in play and hope they would stay asleep during the transfer and put then crazy baby in the pack and play. Once again the baby in the pack and play went right to sleep the one in the bed thought it was party time.

So we switched one more time because Eli cannot be trusted in beds he'll just dive off  head first into the darkness of the night.

Emerson ended up staying in our bed that night. I had essentially no sleep between wrestling her back onto the bed into a laying position and then once she was asleep trying to find room on the bed. Emerson is a bit of a wild sleeper.

She doesn't hold still and pretty much goes in circles. I kept waking up to toes in my ribs as she tossed and turned all over. Her wild sleeping habits are why we had to separate them in the first place when they were still pretty young.

Clearly, co-sleeping is not for us.

Luckily our hotel in Wyoming had another pack and play and there ending the sleeping drama.

More later including pictures ...

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~Jess said...

Oh my goodness (I'm sitting here chuckling)! Glad it went all right for you guys.