Sunday, September 12, 2010

Balloons of all kinds...

Eli and Emerson are balloon lovers. The spent my cousins entire reception holding onto and chasing balloons. If they let go and it floated to the ceiling they merely held up their arm and waited for the person closest to them to rescue it.

One of my Cousins with Eli & his balloon

Emmy and her balloon

And two at once...

This love of balloons also extends to hot air balloons. Our city hosts Hot Air Balloon Races every September and on Friday morning when we were driving Marcus to work the sky above our house was filled with hot air balloons. 

The babies were pointing and saying "Ooohhh" "ooohhh" and once back home I found them doing this... staring out the window at all of the balloons.



~Jess said...

I would love to go to a hot air balloon rally. There's one every year about an hour away, but we've never gone.

A loves balloons too!

Eli and Emerson look so big in their 18 month picture...I seriously miss them.

Where did you get Emerson's dress? I'm looking for something red or apple themed for A's 1st birthday, but can't find anything.

sadie607 said...

Jess I got her dress at JC Penney