Friday, September 24, 2010

A TMI rescue mission...

Today I stuck my hand in a "used" toilet bowl. I'm only sharing because it was one of those really ridiculous moments that you want to forget and yet at the same time it's so ridiculous there's a compulsion to share.

At work I went to the bathroom stood up, turned around to flush and my bracelet broke and fell right into the toilet. My first instinct was to leave it there, because I simply don't stick my hand in toilets. End of story. Bye-bye bracelet.

Then my senses came back because it's a bracelet that has a lot of significance to me (and was my mother's day present this year). So it turned into Operation Rescue.

Plan A) Stick my bare hand into toilet... this plan was quickly eliminated no way, no how, not happening.

Plan B) Tell our custodians... again eliminated for two reasons. It's embarrassing for me and they should not have to deal with something like this. Operation rescue is not in their job description.

Plan C) Get Eli. He has no issues what so ever about putting his hands in the toilet bowl. In fact he rather enjoys it (much to my dismay). Then I came to my senses as he doesn't even respond to his name, he probably won't be much assistance in a rescue mission that involves grabbing a tiny silver object and bringing it back out. He mostly just likes to splash in the toilet (again much to my dismay).

Plan D) Disposable Gloves. Yes! Gloves I even know where to find some in a storage closet... only problem they will not totally keep all of the content of the bowl away from skin as they're not very long. I don't trust them to protect me on their own.

Plan E) Flash back to basketball camp 1999 when a member of the team bravely used a grocery sack and unclogged a dorm room toilet (and trust me that toilet was in worse condition content wise than mine TMI yes I know, what do you expect I'm trying to figure out how to put my hand in a toilet?)

Final result Plan D + E = Rescue mission success.

Then much hand-washing ensued, bracelet was scrubbed, and aside from this post I will try to never think or speak about this experience again.


JustaKidAtHeart said...

Glad you rescued your bracelet LOL

Carlita said...

Yuck! I recently had to rescue my credit card after my son threw it into the toilet bowl (don't ask me how he got it in the first place). This happened just after I had finished my business (and before flushing). Very unpleasant!!!!!!

sadie said...

Haha Carlita it makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who has had this unfortunate experience.