Sunday, September 19, 2010

So frustrated...

about so many things right now and unfortunately they're things I probably shouldn't discuss on a public blog on the off chance that someone from work happens upon it, but arggggggggggggg.

I'm also incredibly frustrated with our health insurance situation. Why is health insurance so ridiculous? Seriously, something must be done. There must be a viable option for those who don't have insurance through work (I'm covered but to add the babies to my health insurance would cost us $20,000 a year, and the coverage sucks. How is that even realistic?) I've been working on getting them covered through the state but it's taking months, there are ridiculous and frankly insulting hoops to jump through, and trying to talk to someone on the phone about it is pretty much an impossible task. More Arrgggggggggggg (it's talk like a pirate day at least I'm with the times in my frustration).

Onto more health issues I need to find doctors but I have no idea how to even go about doing so. Most importantly I need a GI  for my Crohn's stuff but I'm wondering if they'll require a referral? Arrggggggg. I think I should just go back to school. Perhaps a Ph.D? That could take a good long time. My university's have had great health coverage and options. Never mind this real life stuff.


So to let out some of my frustration and anger I thought it would be a good idea to go for a run. This is what I learned. When one decides to go for a run in a new neighborhood it might be wise to consult a map, because the there may be lots of dead ends and winding blocks which don't all go in squares.

My run was much longer than anticipated because I had no idea where I was going and the blocks in our neighborhood make no sense. (Plus we live at the top of a hill).


Carlita said...

Maybe the extra run time is a good thing.....more exercise=better health=less need for health care? OK, not funny, I know.

I'm sorry about the health care situation. My family is from Europe and we think about going back to the "old country" for this reason. It's not right, $20,000 is practically an entire salary. I was lucky that my 6 week hospital stay (bed rest) and then my son's NICU all happened while I was doing my PhD (seriously, not a bad idea)and so it was all covered. With 2 babies in the NICU, I'm sure you would have had a VERY steep bill as well.

I hope things smooth over at work. BTW, I know this is a blog and maybe I'm not supposed to be asking, but did Marcus start his job? Is it going all right?

~Jess said...

How frustrating! We had the same thing when I quit my job to "stay home" have the 3 of us on a family health plan through the self employment offered by the state would have cost $12000 a year, not counting deductibles and copays. We were able to put A on state insurance which costs us nothing, and that dropped Matt and my policy to $7,800 a year, which the store is able to cover.

What's up with the state insurance that they take so long and are difficult to boot? It took 4 weeks for us to get A's insurance cards.

It is frustrating to have to start all over with finding doctors and deal with insurance. Praying for you guys.