Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Early Intervention Update...

As many know the babies were both receiving Physical therapy and Occupational therapy through early intervention before me moved. We finally got around to having both babies evaluated last week to see where they're at and if they still qualify for services and we were somewhat surprised by the results. Although it's interesting because in CT they didn't use adjusted age for the evaluation and here they did. So instead of being measure at 16 months they were tested at 14 months.

Emerson has always struggled with gross motor skills but she is now totally caught up to where she should be in that department (she tested in the 13-15 month range). They will occasionally check in just to make sure she stays on track. She is however delayed in Language/communication, in both receptive and expressive language skills.  Surprisingly she is also delayed in the fine motor skills but the therapists are confident that it shouldn't take long to catch her up in this area. Finally, she was delayed in Social and emotional. So starting next week she'll start being seen twice a week.

We were also somewhat surprised with Eli's results. He's really really delayed in the language and communication department testing in at the range 6-10 months. They want him to have a hearing test just to double check that. When he was being evaluated they ask me if he responded to his name (and he wil sometimes) but most of the time he just ignores me which he demonstrated while being evaluated and ignoring me. Marcus and I have always assumed this was a personality quirk but apparently babies his age don't ignore. I know he can hear though so I guess we'll see what the hearing test shows.

He's also delayed in Fine motor skills which is not really a surprise he's always struggled with this. Finally he's delayed in the self-help/adaptive area this is due in part to his continued issues with eating. He doesn't chew his food, he doesn't drink from a sippy cup or straw.

Additionally because of the feeding concerns we're going to talk with a nutritionist and also start seeing an OT to see if we can move the eating thing along.

So that's the update they still qualify for services in different areas but they're continuing to make progress.

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~Jess said...

Progress is good! I'm glad they at least qualify for pt/ot and will get what they need.

Thinking about you guys.