Monday, March 1, 2010

Physical Therapy Session

Another PT visit on Friday. Just wanted to record the session, so again nothing really interesting. 

Developmental Objectives
1. Rolling all directions
2. Propping on arms on tummy
3. Sitting Independently

1. Tummy time
2. Exercise Ball- tummy & sitting
3. Supported sitting
4. Kneeling at couch cushion (note to self vacuum under couch cushions before the next visit).

Progress since last visit: 
Emerson has a nice neck! (we can finally see it) She holds her head fairly erect on her body most of the time. She can roll onto her tummy and does so sometimes. She sits independently briefly.

During today's visit:
Emerson sat for a few minutes independently, back only slightly rounded. She was able to make corrections for slight losses of balance, but has almost no protective reactions once balance is lost. Able to correct for balance nicely when sitting on exercise ball and tipped. On tummy generally assumes skydiver arms and resists attempts to manually help help put her hands down.

Suggested activities:
1. Exercise ball on tummy, grasp her upper arms and help her put weight through her elbows. (do the same on the couch cushion).
2. Sitting - supported as needed and tip her slowly in all directions to work on balance reactions and trunk strengthening.
3. Tummy time on the floor to play.
4. Lots of time sitting - on floor, on your lap, try to make her hold herself up though avoid giving her a backrest.
5. Kneeling at couch cushion - try to have her take weight through her arms.
6. Ok to have her standing can put toys on the couch and have her stand to play with them.

Developmental Objectives
1. Sitting independently
2. Hands & Knees/ crawling
3. Tummy to sitting
4. Standing alone

1. Sitting - reaching, side sitting
2. Tummy to hands & knees
3. Sitting to tummy
4. Kneeling at couch cushion

Progress since last visit: 
Eli can sit independently for many minutes pretty good backward balance though still loses balance backwards. Goes onto hands and knees scoots forward on elbows and feet several inches at a time. Not eating solids. Will ask OT to take a look when she's out to see Emerson. Will add to plan if recommended.

During today's visit:
Eli sits alone nicely, have protective arm extension in front and sides but not back. Worked on going from ring sitting to side sitting and on reaching outside base of support in ring sitting. On tummy goes onto hands and knees briefly, beginning to rock, unable to move a hand. Hands and knees on cushion, further from cushion. Likes to stand and bounce. Showed him sitting --> hands down --> Tummy.

Suggested activities:
1. Sitting and reaching to side and up as far as he can
2. Sitting put hands down and twist to side sitting and back to ring sitting
3. Sitting put hands down go onto tummy. Help him through this motion when he's ready to move out of sitting.
4. Kneeling at couch cushion keep knees a little bit back from cushion and encourage hands and knees position to play.
5. Standing at couch to play with toys.

Eli still really loves physical therapy and all the attention he gets. Emerson still hates it and clings to me the entire time, although she does usually let me go through the exercises with her.


Debbie said...

I love those pictures. Love them.
May will be here before we know it.

~Jess said...

I love the new blog layout and the pictures in your header: They are both SO adorable!

Yea for progress! Every little thing is a step in the right direction.