Friday, March 19, 2010

The Easter bunny and other mall musings...

Marcus decided to confront his strange fear about the Easter bunny dropping a baby and I worked past my issue surrounding the germs on the Easter bunny and we set off for the mall. Overall it was a success and we got a decent picture... (one in which my babies look entirely too old in my opinion).
But only one because surprisingly, Eli  my extroverted, people loving, child did not like this furry creature. After one picture he put his lip out started to pout, then cry, and put his arms up for us to save him. Apparently his love is only for people and not tall furry things. Emerson on the other hand was just a little curious about the whole thing. I brought her over to introduce her to the idea and she just kept touching the bunny trying to figure out what the heck it was. 

So overall not to bad (and then I wiped down their hands yuck). 

We had a really strange encounter though while we were waiting for the easter bunny. Eli was hungry so Marcus was giving him a bottle and I was sitting next to him holding Emerson and playing with her. Out of no where this random lady walks up and for the next 5 minutes we had the most random exchange ever. She basically talked without pausing and the subject matter was diverse... Here's an example and everything I'm going to type are things she actually said to me...

So do these guys know about the easter bunny or are they too little? I don't want to be the whistle blower, do you know what a whistle blower is? Do you go to the library? I bet you don't people don't really go to the library these days. The easter bunny is different than santa they all look different when I was younger I only wanted stuffed animals for easter but I suppose you get used to it huh? So what did you give up for lent? I gave up .....(I can't remember what she said). Did she [pointing to Emerson] give up anything? Does she know what lent is? So when does life start? I heard that it starts at conception? It's a fact you know... blah, blah blah (throw in something about a soul) more blah, blah...

and this was pretty much a stream of consciousness with small interjections by me when she seemed like she really expected an answer. Marcus was giving me the strangest looks, and then suddenly mid-sentence she walked off. It was totally bizarre.

Finally, Marcus and I were looking at swimming suits for the babies and most of the little girl ones were two pieces. Marcus looked at me and asked, "Don't they have any one pieces for her?"

To which I responded, "That was such a dad statement." 

Which he agreed and said, "I know I thought about that right after it came out of my mouth."

It was like we flashed forward 13 years or something. Really funny and cute. 

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~Jess said...

Oh brother...doesn't sound like that lady was too stable.

I'm going with MIL on Monday shopping and I think I'm going to look at swimsuits...I asked Matt what he thought we should get..a bikini! That will only last until she's probably 2 lol Little girls in bikinis are pretty cute though :-)