Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring break & a perfect day...

I'm currently on spring break for the next two weeks and today actually felt like spring!! After church Marcus and I went to lunch with the babies (something we haven't really attempted). Then we went for a walk because the weather was too nice to stay inside.
The babies sat on grass for the first time. Per usual Eli loved every second of it and Emerson wanted nothing to do with it actually sitting on the grass. She tucked her arms inside her sleeves and made sure her hands didn't touch anything.

She wasn't quite sure what to make of this adventure. 

But was content to study things like trees from the safety of her dads arms.

And eventually we got a smile out of her.
Hanging out with her dad.

What are we doing?

And then there's Eli...

He pulled out some grass and gave it a little taste.

He scooted all over...

And was a little unsure about the asphalt.

He also tried out some dirt, a stick, and a leaf, which is what he's eating in this picture.
And never stopped moving the entire time.

After out outdoor adventure we went back home, the babies ate, and all four of us took a nap. To top of a great day both babies were exhausted by bedtime and they each fell asleep after only a few seconds of fussing, which is nothing short of a miracle these days. (Now if they'll both just sleep through the night tonight...) Overall it was a perfect start to spring break. 

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~Jess said...

Spring Break is always great! You guys have any special plans?

It looks like you guys had the perfect day....the ones we waited so long to have :-) I hope they slept well last night.