Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A mish-mash of thoughts...

1.) I'm exhausted all the time and I hurt all the time. I'm so tired of the constant everyday struggle to move and do and be. I'm tired of it hurting to pick up my babies and having no energy. I wish the doctors could figure out a way to make it better.

2.) Eli's new trick of pulling up to his knees is not so cute at bed time. He gets on his knees in the crib, bangs on the side, tips over hits his head, and then cries. Then we repeat fun times.

3.) Emerson likes to sit with her legs straight out in front of her and then she twirls her ankles and feet around in circles. It's adorable but looks incredibly uncomfortable.

4.) The babies received their first rejection letter.  My university does a lot of research on a variety of things including child development. The studies for babies looked like a lot of fun and so when I got an email with information about the studies I volunteered my kids. (I promise they were fun studies where the babies essentially go play in a room on the parents lap). But mine were both rejected for being premature. Which I understand but I felt surprisingly sad about it.
Unfortunately, we do not have any studies for which Eli and Emerson are currently eligible.  Most infant studies, including all of our current studies at this infant center, are not conducted with premature babies because it is difficult to predict how exactly old they are.  The studies that we run in this lab have an age range of only 1 month, so if babies have two months less in the mother's womb, they are in some ways 2 months younger, but in other developmental ways, they are at or close to at age level.  Because of the difficulty to tell the proper age and our studies' limited age ranges, I am sad to say we cannot use your babies as subjects in any of our current studies.
Not the end of the world I know. But it really did look like fun and I'm all about helping advance research any way I can.

5.) Final synagis shot today. The babies were hilarious today at the doctor they were in funny moods and were so loud (until the shots). Eli weighs 19lbs 4oz and Emerson 18lbs.

6.) I miss spring break and have lost the energy and motivation to finish the semester. I think this is part due to #1.

7.) I had more but Eli just woke up...

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